With headquarters in the United States, DINA is committed to manufacturing high quality and innovative generator sets with practical designs and competitive prices.

Among the advantages are:


  • Practical design for easy maintenance and service.
  • Build with Cummins engines, Stamford alternators, Deep Sea controllers. All major components are well recognized brands with support in almost every Country.
  • Deep Sea controller, open source technology allowing maintenance independence and flexibility (no need to purchase software and/or tools from the manufacturer).
  • Steel based -Skid type-, build for heavy work, movements, oil contractors, constructions, forklift.
  • Double layer oil tank. Build in plastic and encapsulated in steel. Do not produce contamination by corrosion.
  • 24 hours oil tank autonomy. For 80 KVA model: 360 litters of capacity, consumption 11.4 litters @3/4 of charge and 15.2 litters for a 100% of charge.
  • Enclosure resistant to corrosion with powder paint layers.
  • Manufacturer testing prior dispatch.